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AUB5135 ENGINE LOWER LINK BUSH Replacement poly bush for the engine steady link ( oe part number KKF000040) Made as two top hats for easy installation and comes with a stainless steel centre tube and lubricant to help fitment . Not affected by heat or oil and improves engine location. Works well with our kit of bushes for the upper engine steady . £30.71 View Image
AUB5018 REAR DAMPER BUSH LOWER Kit comprises a four bushes and two stainless tubes to replace the lower rear damper bush used on MGF . A common failure point with the standard bush these quality parts eliminate the problem £11.72 View Image
AUB506KF COMPLETE KIT FRONT SUSPENSION Comprising front wishbone front(4) and rear (4) bushes ( with stainless steel crush tubes ) , front anti roll bar inner mounts (2) and special grease for fitting and a long and quiet life. £60.00 View Image
AUB506KR COMPLETE KIT REAR SUSPENSION Comprising rear outer TCA/Tie bar bushes(2), rear inner TCA bushes (2) rear hub mounting(4), rear tie bar to chassis (2) anti roll bar link (8) anti roll bar mounting (2), stainless steel crush tubes where required and our special grease to ease fitting and ensure a long and quiet life . £145.00 View Image
AUB506KC COMPLETE CAR SUSPENSION KIT All parts included in 506KF & 506KR ;SAVE 10% OVER INDIVIDUAL KIT PRICES! £190.00 View Image
AUB5260 UPPER ENGINE STEADY KIT Car set of two bushes , large bush is made as two top hats to ease installation . Comes with stainless steel centre tubes and lubricant to aid fitting . See also our AUB5135 for the bush that goes in the lower steady link . £57.75 View Image